Chi-Manidoo - Great Spirit of My Anishinabe Ojibwe Ancestors
Chi-Manidoo - Great Spirit of My Anishinabe Ojibwe Ancestors Context and Purpose of this Web Experience

The context of this web site is both a very personal one and a more global, celebratory one. All through my life I have felt very connected to my Aboriginal heritage, as well as other aspects of my inherited bloodline, including Scottish, French, English and Irish ancestors. My Anishanabe heritage comes from my mother's side of the family, which can easily be traced back to include several generations (1788 to 2004) of the LeSage clan from the Algoma, Ontario and Michigan areas of the Great Lakes, especially around both Sault Ste. Maries (Ontario, Michigan). I have also included data related to the Paquette-Barker-Carruthers-Smillie members of my personal bloodline, which go back to the 14th century for some branches.

  • Chi-Manidoo - is one of the Canadian Anishanabe expressions for "Great Spirit". A USA version is "Gichi-Manidoo". There are also other versions of the spelling - the confusion lies in the White Colonist attempt to articulate the oral words using English or French spelling. Other versions include "Gchi-mindoo," "Chi-nidoo," "Gitchi Manito," or the White version, "Gitchi Manitou." However it is spelt, this site humbly honors the Animist belief system of the Anishinabeg, who viewed the Great Being as a spirit who dwells in all of creation, not as an individual or entity. This site is dedicated to this world view of the overall Spirit or Energy that animates and nurtures the Universe.

  • Bloodline - The personal context of this site is to record the generations of the LeSage clan for all family members and others interested in tracing this particular family tree. There were many children born in each generation, which means many descendants exist who are potentially interested in this research.

  • Gallery - This is another personal aspect of this site which features selections of my digital art where I indulge the muse to explore aspects of my own Native-Metis identity and spiritual visions.

  • Culture and Wellbeing - The entire site has a personal flavor to it as well - I have a burning desire to learn much more about the Anishabe Ojibwe ways and by creating this site, I can share my findings with other interested souls. Learning the language is one step in this process - which is reflected in the choice of names for many of the sections. The top sections are self-explanatory: Culture and Wellbeing refer to the Ojibwe practices and lifestyle that allowed them to prosper in the natural world for thousands of years.

  • Sacred 7 Fires - the left side menu consists of six carefully chosen Anishinabe words as well as the Sacred 7 Fires - an ancient Ojibwe prophesy that has (and still is) being fulfilled in stark reality and accuracy. The six Ojibwe titles represent:

  • Manidooke -literally means "he leads a ceremony". In this section, I explore the ancient practice of ceremony that prevailed through all aspects of Ojibwe daily life. As well, I wish to express my views on how the growing renewal of interest and awe of Native cultures and practices will prove to be "very good medicine" for the Earth and all of her inhabitants. We all need to embrace this sacred act of celebration and honor for our world.

  • Midewiwin - are the ancient sacred mysteries of the Anishinabe. When Europeans began to invade North America and subsequently outlaw Native religion and ceremony, an underground society was formed to preserve the sacred scrolls and mystery knowledge of the Ojibwe. This section explores some of what we know about this society. More importantly, this section is intended to wake people up - not by revealing secrets that must be earned, but to stir them to seek the wisdom of the elders on their own and to open their ears and eyes to the awareness that will save our planet.

  • Gaganoonidi - means "to converse with another". This section houses the forum where interested souls can share their thoughts and feelings about the Ojibwe, share knowledge about the LeSage and related clans, or reach out to others in a sacred way.

  • Gichigami - this is the Anishinabe word for the Great Lakes, their primary home. This section looks at these powerful bodies of sacred water, the Ojibwe legends associated with them, and the inherent spirit world that they sensed there. As well, it calls for movement to preserve these sacred waters which have become dreadfully polluted in many areas.

  • Ataasowin - means "the cupboard". This is the online store for Chi-Manidoo featuring culturally slanted web design, graphic art, merchandise and other services.

  • Abi - literally translates to "he stays home, or he is at home". This is a simple link back to the main Home Page of Chi-Manidoo.

Chi-Manidoo - Great Spirit of My Anishinabe Ojibwe Ancestors

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